Going to a work related Training session is like going to an informative and inspiring lecture on exercise. You may take away learning but are you more fit after listening?  No – now you need to put in the work that strengthens those muscles and change your diet!

Coaching is like going to the gym with a ‘personal trainer’ and receiving customized one-to-one attention for learning and skills that produce results!


Coaching Programs (with Training elements) are available for:



Teams at Work


Working Relationships


On The Threshold offers a range of customizable offerings we are happy to discuss with you that include:

1.  Coaching – for Individuals and Teams

  • One-on-one (personal, corporate, executive)
  • Leadership – including 360 leader assessments (the Leadership Circle Profile 360™)
  • Team Coaching (Corporate and Non-profit Organizations) including RSI@Work™
  • Relationship Coaching – for all kinds of couples and partnerships (personal, professional, organizational)

Coaching is offered either in person or by telephone.  In person is available as geography and travel permit. As an excellent alternative option, telephone coaching has proven to be very effective; many of the testimonials on this site are from international clients who were successfully coached by phone. In addition to offering comfort, convenience and cost effectiveness to the client/organization, this method develops a high level of connection between coach and client while spanning virtually any geographical distance.

2.  Blended Programs

  • Communication with Emotional Intelligence – applied EI with additional communication learning.
  • Leadership Development– introductory and advanced programs for leaders and staff. Can include one or more assessments for helpful feedback.
  • Conflict Resolution – can include a conflict self-assessment to increase one’s own awareness of what is working and what needs to stop.
  • Performance Coaching for individuals identified by their organization as requiring growth/development/improvement in specific areas that coaching can support.

On The Threshold’s Coaching approach is very compatible with virtual delivery. This can be via video platforms (such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom) or by phone. In person is possible for a limited geographical region.

3. Specific Topic offerings – for Individuals, Couples or Teams

Couples Intelligencea coaching program for couples grounded in Relationship research and Emotional Intelligence. This is not therapy – it IS research based and meant for practical application in a relationship. Contact to find out more.

Increase your Self-Awareness by getting to know yourself more! Gallup Strengths assessments and Personality Dimensions™ for Individuals and TeamsKnowing ourselves better is one of the keys to growth both personally and professionally.  Understanding differences and strengths in others can help our relationships and our workplace teams by working with diversity instead of pushing against it. Being able to leverage these differences can take an individual, a couple or a team to a higher level of performance and results. Contact to set up a 30 min. consultation to find out more.

4.  Speaking/Group Presentations

Varied-length presentations for your professional/organizational meetings and retreats.  Due to our interactive style, best for groups of up to ~ 30 attendees.

Our topics:

  • Healthy Talk at Work – Creating Emotionally Intelligent Working Relationships
  • Healthy Talk at Home – Better Couples Communication and Behaviors
  • Conflict NavigationCharting a Constructive Course
  • Constructive Person Centered Communication:  Because the quality of our conversations matters.. What to start doing … and what to stop!

5.  Coaching Certification Mentoring

John regularly mentors individuals who are training to become Certified Coaches in their respective programs.  Passion for a ‘coaching approach’ and supporting people who want to become professional coaches makes this both important and enjoyable for John.  Contact us for more information on this service.

Pricing: Contact us for pricing and payment.

I have sat through a number of similar courses and found without coaching, the learnings are rarely retained. By working with a professional coach such as John I have developed some invaluable skills for life. The coaching cements and develops the skills. The coaching sessions have helped me to work on issues that are specific to me. These sessions have progressively helped me grow both personally and professionally. My coach was fantastic. He was engaging, flexible, challenging and understanding.” – A.C., Coaching client


Coaching with Emotional Intelligence‘ by John Doan – where John is published online.

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