None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Japanese proverb

And getting “all of us” on the same page is not easy!

People on a team at work are in relationship. Those relationships are tasked with producing results.  But at the end of the day, they are people too with all the attributes and challenges of how they interact with each other. Finding a way to empower relationships at work for the sake of getting things done seems obvious…but it is not easy once emotions kick in.  That is where ‘On The Threshold‘ comes in.

Tony Gambill in Forbes has a great article on ‘High Trust Teams’: .

The 5 key characteristics are –

  1. Clear Goals and Roles
  2. Establish Accountability
  3. Address Bad Behaviors of High Performers
  4. Team Members Feel Valued and Heard
  5. Invest in Relationship Building

If your team needs help in one or more of these areas, On The Threshold can help you!

Teams and Relationships benefit from a Systems Coaching approach that taps into the synergy generated by working together as a collective.  Coaching a ‘system’ helps team or relationship members see that they are more than just the sum of their parts.

We help people and organizations discover that the ‘secret of successful teams’ is to pay attention to both their Productivity and their Positivity – in other words, the results they attain and the manner in which they relate to each other while attaining them. In this way, long-lasting results are achieved. On The Threshold specializes in developing healthy relationships and teams that thrive through

  • becoming emotionally intelligent
  • developing conflict confidence
  • finding alignment, and
  • appreciating diversity while relating with honesty, respect and compassion.

Team Coaching for Sustainable Success:

We help teams rise above challenges that often weigh them down. For example, conflict can help relationships flourish or flounder – it depends on how the conflict is perceived and experienced. Teams who run from conflict generally experience high member turnover and stress … and don’t tend to see great results. Teams who confront conflict in constructive ways however, retain their people and help build healthy organizations that experience success at the personal, professional and financial levels.

On The Threshold’s team training approach seamlessly blends systems coaching and emotional intelligence to create:

  • teams that are more understanding of how collaboration helps everyone win
  • increased trust and empathy
  • the ability to move through conflict to achieve buy-in
  • commitment (people want to be on the team) and accountability
  • more constructive communication that remains authentic
  • less volatility, less staff turnover and less relationship conflict overall.


  • individual coaching
  • team coaching
  • classroom training
  • select assessments

Personality Dimensions™ and Strengths Workshops and Assessments – the ABC’s of leveraging the diversity of strengths and approaches for Individuals, Relationships or Teams

A more productive and emotionally healthier workplace is supported by understanding differences in styles, strengths and approaches. Being able to leverage these differences can take a team or even a whole company to a higher level of performance and results. On The Threshold offers workshops and assessments to support this to happen!

A – Personality Dimensions™ uses long-standing research in Personality Temperament Theory to help people understand their preferences as well as those of their colleagues. The result is a common language along with practical strategies of approach that support collaboration, respect and synergy in the workplace.
Better self-awareness of our own unique blend of personality temperament as well as those of others helps us to communicate better and utilize our natural gifts to be more successful. It also helps us to be better equipped to resolve conflict with others whose gifts and approaches are different from ours. The ability to leverage diversity is more important than ever in our work – whether in a physical office space or a virtual environment, getting the best from those we work with is what helps everyone to succeed. Personality Dimensions workshops can be customized for the purposes and outcomes desired by your own leadership or workplace needs.

B – Strengths Based Workshops and assessment – On the Threshold is a passionate advocate for a Strengths Based Approach using the Gallup Strengths Inventory also called The Clifton Strengthsfinder™. When we operate from a basis of our strengths, both our work and working relationships are more productive and enjoyable. Identifying our strengths is key to this being possible. Our workshops use the Gallup Strengths as a basis for greater personal insight as well as a better understanding of the resources available to a team by knowing what the strengths of others are as well!
A Strengths based approach is a significant change from focusing on shortcomings and instead, supporting workplace engagement. Gallup associated authors such as Marcus Buckingham and Tom Rath have helped articulate the benefits. “People have several times more potential for growth when they invest their energy in developing their strengths instead of correcting their deficiencies.” People who do feel that they have the opportunity to do what they do best are 6X more likely to be engaged in their jobs and more than 3X as likely to report having an excellent quality of life in general. “Emotional engagement is 4X more valuable than rational engagement in driving employee effort.”

C – Customize: contact for more information to customize offerings for your individual leadership or workshops for your team or company.

To find out more about our delivery of services, please visit our Programs and Resources section or contact us directly for an appointment to discuss your needs.

In a single day, you have moved the ball further down the field than a decade of quarterbacks before you!  Keep it coming.”

Dr. David Rawson, TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre Team Leader


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