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Step Into Success

People skills that matter
and that work.

For the sake of your success.


Step Into Success

Team skills for
productive collaboration.

For the sake of your success.


Step Into Success

Emotional Intelligence and
Advanced Leadership skills.

For the sake of your success.


Step Into Success

Conflict skills to
engage and resolve.

For the sake of your success.


Step Into Success

Customized Coaching and
Training services.

For the sake of your success.

It all begins with helping our clients find their compelling ‘Why’.

Then, working together, they learn, grow and take the action to make that ‘why’ a reality!

 Our specialties are supporting our clients to develop and enhance

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Conflict Skills development to resolve differences

Building Better Workplace Teams

Emotional Intelligence

 Couples Relationship Intelligence

My mission is to help you cross over the threshold into the success you want.

To be successful, individuals, leaders, relationships and teams need support as well as skills and tools that have proven to be effective. We support growth and success for individuals, teams and relationships – professionally and personally.

There are times at work and outside it when we need to know how to unite, collaborate, and deal with challenges that arise.  These are not skills that come easily to many of us.

This is where we come in to equip you so you can

  • enjoy more personal and professional fulfillment
  • improve your bottom line
  • experience success on your own terms and criteria.

We deliver a unique blend of classroom training, “hands-on” experiential learning and coaching support. Our expertise is showcased in the list below – which ones can we help you with?

  • Team Performance: your teams can achieve strong, long-lasting results through collaboration
  • Emotional Intelligence: learn to better understand and manage your – and others’ – emotions
  • Leadership Coaching: harness the power to lead with a clear vision while inspiring those you lead to follow
  • Conflict Resolution skills to make you Conflict Confident
  • Relationships:  learn simple yet successful ways to
    • find alignment
    • deal with differences
    • communication that is more constructive
    • build a foundation of positivity

  “John Doan is a wizard. I have worked with a dozen coaches over the past decade and became certified as a coach myself in 2007. He has an uncanny ability to zero in on the crux of the business or personal issue. John helped me regain my mojo after a tough and public loss. He helped me again when I was struggling with a major career decision. I felt supported and challenged during both engagements, and best of all, I made tangible progress. The bonus was that we laughed … a lot :). I highly recommend John as an executive coach. “
Kellie Garrett, MA, ABC, MC, CC, ICD.D

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