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Resolving Conflict

Resolving Differences

“An eye for an eye and we all go blind.”Gandhi

Have you ever been in a conflict situation that kept you awake at night?  Made you uncomfortable when dealing with someone at work?  Had you thinking, “There must be a better way!”?

Dealing with conflict can be edgy, difficult and uncomfortable for many people and Organizations.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Conflict Coaching – Navigating conflict can be turbulent.  But learning and applying skills in Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Systems Awareness and Emotional Intelligence can help you turn conflict from a hindrance into an opportunity.  We focus on the value of the relationship as much as the agreements reached.  Both are important to a healthy, successful outcome.  As a Relationship and Systems Certified Coach, John helps people in conflict deal with their differences – whether professional or personal – more effectively and in a way that helps rather than hurts their relationships.

On The Threshold also trains leaders and teams how to Navigate Conflict  through customized Leadership  and Developmental Coaching Programs. Our training blends emotional intelligence, relationship fundamentals and team development with some of today’s most effective leadership research to provide participants with a skill set that enables them to positively influence their personal lives, places of work and communities.

Both advanced and introductory Leadership Development Programs are available.   To find out more about our delivery of services, please visit our Services section or contact us directly for an appointment to discuss your needs.


Everyone should be taking this course so they know there is an effective way of dealing with conflict.

Participant, ‘Conflict Navigation:  Charting a Constructive Course’

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